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"" is your board for posting your trip-reports (also few hours excursions and/or single observations) - uploading pictures, asking for herp-ID´s and everything else, related to field herpetology.
The areas covered by this forum are Europe, Near and Middle East, North Africa and the Caucasus countries.

Board language is English only!


NO nicknames allowed! Please register with your full name: First name (space) Last name, e.g. Mario Schweiger.
Please fill out all fields in the registration form.
Your registration has to be activated by the Admin(s), and you will get an email from the Admin(s) after activation. After, you may login with your name and password!
Registrations with nicknames will be ignored without any comment!


Only registered users may post and/or reply to postings!
There are some sections for your postings (Western Europe, Balkans, Near East, etc.). Please use the proper one!
For countries, covered by the forum, please look in the Forum/sections!
It is not allowed to ask for exact locations here! But you may ask the poster by PM.
Therefore it is not recommanded to give exact locations, e.g. coordinates.
Postings on herpeto culture are not allowed!


The limit for uploaded pictures is 1600 pixels wide and 500 KB filesize each.


For sure, you may link to a trip report, placed on another server.
But please, give a short summary and show 1 or 2 pictures of your trip, at least, here!
There is a section "events" in the forum. There you may post and link to all events, related to field herpetology.


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