Greek Thrace in autumn?

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Greek Thrace in autumn?

Postby Kristian Munkholm » Sat Jul 28, 2018 8:56 pm


I'm planning a little autumn trip and my options are somewhat limited by time and expense.

I'm looking at 3-5 days spanning a weekend in September or the first half of October. Among my options are Greek Thrace with xanthina as primary target, sauromates and Dolichophis as secondary, and a long list of tertiaries. Another go at Walserland with hopefully better weather than last time or a return to south Morocco currently top the list of alternatives.

My main concern, in regards to Thrace, relates to timing. All the reports I've seen have been from spring and I've never been to the area at all, or for that sake anywhere in SE Europe at that time of year.

Anyone have any input on when chances might be best?
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