Bulgaria (Svode) - March 2009

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Bulgaria (Svode) - March 2009

Postby Ilian Velikov » Fri May 22, 2009 3:06 pm

Here are my first herp photos for this year. I took them in Svode for a couple of hours.

Svode is a small village in western Bulgaria. There is a river running through it where I usually go fishing but this time I wasn’t there to catch fish but to photograph frogs. The weather was warm and sunny with clear sky and no wind at all. Some meters away from the river there are a number of ponds rich in aquatic vegetation. This is what I found in and around them:

L.viridis_Western Stara Planina Mts._Svode_214m asl_March2009_0-(42).jpg
Eastern Green Lizard (Lacerta viridis),juvenile

B.bufo_Western Stara Planina Mts._Svode_214m asl_March2009_0-(242).jpg
A male Common Toad (Bufo bufo) waiting for the females to arrive

B.bufo_Western Stara Planina Mts._Svode_214m asl_March2009_0-(234).jpg
Common Toad (Bufo bufo),male

R.dalmatina_Western Stara Planina Mts._Svode_214m asl_March2009_0-(90).jpg
Agile Frog (Rana dalmatina)

R.dalmatina_Western Stara Planina Mts._Svode_214m asl_March2009_0-(101).jpg
Agile Frog (Rana dalmatina)

R.dalmatina_Western Stara Planina Mts._Svode_214m asl_March2009_0-(126).jpg
Agile Frog (Rana dalmatina)

For my surprise, I also found a beautiful, red-eyed, male Emys orbicularis slowly swimming in the shallows near the shore.

European Pond Turtle (Emys orbicularis),male

E.orbicularis_Western Stara Planina Mts._Svode_214m asl_March2009_0-(188).jpg
European Pond Turtle (Emys orbicularis),male
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