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Armenia 2012

Postby Martin Vlcek » Thu Aug 09, 2012 11:19 am

This short report describes my journey to Armenia, which I set on with three friends between 5th and 15th May this year. Although our trip was not focused only on the herpetological observations and was largely affected by the adverse weather conditions, we still managed to observe a number of interesting species which I think consider worth publishing. Despite our route going through most Armenian regions, my report will focus primarily on areas which I find zoologically interesting.

After arriving in Yerevan in the early hours of 5th May, the sky was cloudy and it was pouring with rain. Once we dealt with the necessary formalities of renting a car, we set out on our first trip 30 kilometers east of Yerevan to an area around the village of Garni. Garni is famous for its ancient temple from the first century AD and the nearby Christian monastery - Geghard. Although this area is extremely herpetologically interesting (according to information from the rangers in the nearby KHOSROV FOREST STATE RESERVE, there are Montivipera raddei, Macrovipera lebetina obtusa, Vipera eriwanensis, Zamenis hohenackeri, Elaphe sauromates and many other interesting species of reptiles), we had no luck here. It was raining during our visit of the here and after several hours of fruitless reptile search, severe hailstorm forced us to leave. During a short pause between rain pours, we managed to observe two Typhlops vermicularis, Darevskia sp. and a large number of of Pseudopus apodus specimen.
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