If you´re visiting Kazakhstan, please see this link!

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Re: If you´re visiting Kazakhstan, please see this link!

Postby Wolfgang Wüster » Sat Mar 17, 2012 10:01 pm

Berislav Horvatic wrote:A link with slightly more text:

The English stems from the "Google Translator" or something like that, but the meaning is
still recognizable. Here the main points:

"Officially, these two samples of families of venomous snakes are not entered in the register
of reptilian fauna of Kazakhstan. However, this list is long lost its relevance because of the
old age, he was drafted back in the 70s of last century. And now it is not clear that these
snakes are not found."

"It is on the southwest side of Chardara reservoir, about 15 km from the small village of
, we started searching for poisonous snakes, as material for the production
of biologically active substances."

"Viper lives in the dry foothills and mountain slopes covered with shrubs, rocky gorges in
with springs in river valleys and cliffs along the banks of canals."

And here is the original in Russian, with bigger photos, but no new info (which I hoped for):


(No need to translate it, you've already enjoyed the translation...)

Thanks for that Berislav. Bazar Ak Tyube is just at the western tip of the Chardara Reservoir accordign to Google Earth. 15km to the west of that would be possible I guess - looks flatter in Google Earth than in the photos, but I guess that it easy to misjudge. Interesting report in any case - sounds like the snakes are not too rare there, although one has to wonder how much exploitation for venom etc. those populations can take.
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