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PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2016 3:49 pm
by Berislav Horvatic
Mario Schweiger wrote:Bero,
check PDF-1700 Pavlicev, M. & W. Mayer (2009)

please check what YOU had written (and I quoted above), not what M. Pavlićev & W. Mayer had written.
I would say you just referred to a wrong paper, that's all. No big deal, no big harm done, but could still
be somewhat misleading to the "wider audience". That was the only reason for my reaction.
BTW, I had a conversation today with Martina Podnar Lešić, and she explained me first-hand what they
intended and did (or did not do!) in that particular work. I was satisfied with her most sincere and clear
explanation, as always.


PostPosted: Mon Feb 15, 2016 2:08 pm
by Gabriel Martínez
Berislav Horvatic wrote:
Gabriel Martínez wrote: I attach some comparative pictures to show how strange is the evolutive convergence!

Pardon my "nitpicking", but shouldn't it be DIVERGENCE instead of convergence? What I mean,
"evolutionary convergence" usually refers to genetically distant taxa acquiring phenotypic
similarities (like eg. whales and fish) - for good and understandable reasons, of course - but
what you show us in these pictures is just the opposite of that - genetically close taxa
(whether "surprisingly" or not) showing big phenotypic differences...
What's the scientific term for that, if it exists at all?

No Berislav, there is also evolutive convergence between Uromastyx (Iguania), Platysaurus (Scincomorpha) and true Lizards! (maybe not, the ancestor was like them, but it´s interesting to see 3 "similar" animals in 3 different reptile groups). And also photos show evolutive divergence of course within each group (for example between Blanus and Podarcis)! The photos show both kind of evolution I think (not so extreme than whale and fish, but interesting anyway!)