Sentiero delle Vipere

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Sentiero delle Vipere

Postby Patrick Masius » Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:05 pm

I spent last week with friends at the Lake Garda. One day, I managed to get away from the regular holiday activities and walked the “Way of the Vipers”.

In the steep sunny slopes of the Corna Piana, where you have to climb a little bit, I discovered very encouraging signs.
The reason for this warning is, most likely, that hikers may come close to the vipers with their bare hands while climbing

However, this area did not strike me as the best viper spot, and it was also close to impossible to leave the path here.

Further up on the meadows at around 1500m it looked more promising and I searched for nearly two hours for vipers. Balancing on top of a stone wall, I came too close to some chamois which grumpily jumped out of their hiding place. Having had a minor heart attack, I found myself lying on the back like a beetle, eye in eye with a chamois.

Although, the habitat up here was very good with lots of stone structures and shrubs, this remained the only encounter with a dangerous beast. Apart from some P. muralis I coudn’t find any reptile. Still, mountain air and sunshine kept me happy, knowing that the asps would be there to be found next time - when it will not be the end of October.


So the viper year closes for me now, with a last find in Lorraine at the 11th of October.
DSC_1240_artengalerie_120 b.jpg

Looking forward to the next season already, I would be happy for like-minded contacts and some shared viper excursions in 2019.
Best wishes
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