Suriname 2016

For your reports/images, made outside Europe and the "Mediterranean" countries. Not to be too narrow minded and limited to our European/Mediterranean herps.

Suriname 2016

Postby Sebastian Holzki » Sun Nov 12, 2017 8:41 pm

Hi everybody.

Last year I visited Suriname for vacations.
The IDs are not all for sure. You are welcome to correct me :roll:
I hope it´s no problem that I show that many unidentified herps.
I started in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname.
The first amphibians I saw were Rhinella marina. I found them in a park in the city.

Rhinella marina (3) (1024x711).jpg
Rhinella marina

A daytrip was going to Peperpot Nature Park. The park was formerly a plantage and is now getting wild again.

Rhinella marina (21) (1024x709).jpg
This should be a young Rhinella marina

The Gold Tegus I only saw in this park.
Tupinambis teguixin (6) (1024x708).jpg
Tupinambis teguixin

Tupinambis teguixin (12) (1024x710) (1000x693).jpg
Tupinambis teguixin

Saimiri sciureus (8) (1024x710).jpg
Saimiri sciureus

Ameiva ameiva (3) (1024x710) (1000x693).jpg
Ameiva ameiva

Another Ameiva. I don´t know the species. Perhaps one of you can help me.
DSC_9782 (1024x708).jpg

And more monkeys.
Cebus apella (15) (1024x710).jpg
Cebus apella

In the afternoon I was visiting Nieuw-Amsterdam. But I didn´t see any reptiles or amphibians.
Forpus passerinus (3) (1024x709).jpg
Forpus passerinus

My next stop was Bergendal. Here I stayed for a few days.
In a pond at the rainforest I unfortunately found a dead femal anaconda. For my surprise a male one wraped around her.
Eunectes murinus (1024x710).jpg
Eunectes murinus

Eunectes murinus (11) (1024x709).jpg
Eunectes murinus

And a few days later.
Eunectes murinus (23) (1024x710).jpg
Eunectes murinus

In Brownsberg an snake was hiding in the rainforest.
DSC_0329 Dendrophidion dendrophus (709x1024) (692x1000).jpg
Should be Dendrophidion dendrophus

DSC_0335 Dendrophidion dendrophus (1024x710).jpg
And one more pic of the snake

Here a few more pictures of Bergendal and Brownsberg.
DSC_9951 Gonatodes humeralis (1024x707).jpg
Should be Gonatodes humeralis

DSC_0020 (1024x680).jpg

DSC_0049 Nephila clavipes (1024x708).jpg
Nephila clavipes

DSC_0084 Mabuya nigropunctata (1024x709).jpg
Should be Mabuya nigropunctata

DSC_0090 (1024x711).jpg
Again an unidentified Ameiva. I think the same species as above.

DSC_0132 (1024x710).jpg

Pyrrhura picta (10) (1024x709).jpg
Pyrrhura picta

Ameiva ameiva (8) (1024x710).jpg
Ameiva ameiva

DSC_0415 Mabuya nigropunctata (1024x710).jpg
Mabuya nigropunctata

Oxybelis aeneus (12) (1024x710).jpg
Oxybelis aeneus

Oxybelis aeneus (21) (1024x710).jpg
Oxybelis aeneus

Cnemidophorus lemniscatus (10) (1024x708).jpg
Cnemidophorus lemniscatus

IMG_8491 (600x800).jpg
footprints, maybe of a jaguar

Rhinella marina (15) (1024x710).jpg
Rhinella marina

Phaethornis ruber (2) (1024x711).jpg
Phaethornis ruber at night

Ramphastos vitellinus (8) (1024x709) (1000x692).jpg
Ramphastos vitellinus

DSC_0777 Caiman crocodilus (1024x710) (1000x693) (800x554).jpg
Caiman crocodilus

Plica plica (4) (709x1024) (554x800).jpg
Plica plica

DSC_0810 (1024x708).jpg
unidentified cicada

DSC_0819 Caiman crocodilus (1024x712).jpg
Caiman crocodilus

DSC_0831 (1024x680).jpg

These frogs and lizards need help to be identified.
DSC_9983 (1024x708).jpg
unidentified frog #1

DSC_9988 (1024x708).jpg
unidentified frog #2

DSC_9996 (1024x708).jpg
unidentified frog #3

DSC_0010 (1024x708).jpg
unidentified frog #4

DSC_0391 (1024x712).jpg
unidentified lizard

DSC_0622 (1024x708).jpg
unidentified gecko #1

DSC_0637 (1024x711).jpg
unidentified gecko #2

DSC_0778 Leptodactylus cf guianensis (1024x708).jpg
unidentified frog #5, maybe Leptodactylus guianensis

Here I´m not sure. Is this Scinax ruber?
DSC_0001 Scinax ruber (706x1024).jpg
Is this Scinax ruber?

...will be continued.
Ps.: Thanks for all the great reports in this forum. I see how much time it needs for one thread. :)
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