Boat trip to Pori in summer 2017

Boat trip to Pori in summer 2017

Postby Bobby Bok » Sun Mar 19, 2017 10:17 pm

Dear all,

this summer I am going to visit Kythira and do a boattrip to Pori. Maingoal is of course to see the endemic Pori Wall Lizard (Podarcis levendis). I am going there together with three friends. However, the more people we are, the cheaper this little jaunt will get.

That is why I am asking if there is someone else on the board here, who wants to go on board on a boat to Pori in summer. For people who want to visit Pori to see the endemic lizard once, this might be a great opportunity to do it with a group to make it affordable.

If you are interested please send me a PM!
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